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Submitted, accepted, in press:

Saska P., Özgökçe M.S., Skuhrovec J., Atlıhan R., Güncan A., Zamani A.A. & Tuan S.-J. (in print) Bias introduced by the simplified method for the estimation of the intrinsic rate of increase of aphid populations: A meta-analysis. Entomologia Generalis   
Tuda M., Iwase S., Kébé K., Haran J., Skuhrovec J., Sanaei E., Tsuji N., Podlussány A., Merkl O., El-Heneidy A. & Morimoto K. (submitted) Diversification, purification, hybridization and body size shift: evolutionary history of Palearctic weevil with endosymbiotic bacteria. Scientific Reports 

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Function of Invertebrate and Plant Biodiversity in Agrosystems
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