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Submitted, accepted, in press:

Skuhrovec J., Gosik R., Ravasan N.M., Karimian F. & Tahghighi A. (accepted) Morphological and molecular inference of immature stages of Larinus hedenborgi (Col: Curculionidae), a trehala-constructing weevil. Organisms Diversity and Evolution   

Carbonne B., Bohan D.A., Foffova H., Daouti E., Frei B., Neidel V., Saska P., Skuhrovec J. & Petit S. (submitted) Direct and indirect effects of landscape and field management intensity on carabids through trophic resources and weeds. Journal of Applied Ecology  

Dr. Jiri Skuhrovec
Function of Invertebrate and Plant Biodiversity in Agrosystems
Crop Research Institute
Drnovska 507
161 06 Praha 6 - Ruzyne