Digital Weevil Determination projects

Digital Weevil Determination project is a digital and interactive identification key for the difficult-to-classify species of some weevil group. The check-list includes all known species from the group occurring in the Europe or in Transalpina region. All information in the key is first given in picture format with explanatory text attached. This work includes distribution maps and additional biological information of each species described.

The East CURCULIO Team was established by permanent members Jiří Skuhrovec (Czech Republic), Robert Stejskal (Czech Republic) and Rafał Gosik (Poland). In 2012, the team has recruited new permanent member, Filip Trnka (Czech Republic). The members of the East CURCULIO Team have varied over time, as new group specialists have been added each year.


Digital-Weevil-Determination for Curculionoidea of West Palaearctic


2009: Transalpina: Hypera / Limobius / Metadonus (Hyperinae: Hyperini)

2010: Transalpina: Brachypera / Donus (Hyperinae: Hyperini) (in cooperation with Robert Stejskal and Rafał Gosik)

2011: Transalpina:Bagous (Bagoinae) (in cooperation with Roberto Caldara, Robert Stejskal, Peter Sprick and Rafał Gosik)

2012: Europe: Rhynchitidae and Attelabidae (in cooperation with Karel Schön, Robert Stejskal, Rafał Gosik, Petr Kresl and Filip Trnka)

2013: Europe:Erirhinini, Brachycerini and Ocladiini (Brachycerinae) (in cooperation with Roberto Caldara, Robert Stejskal, Friedhelm Bahr, Rafał Gosik and Filip Trnka)


2014: Transalpina:Cleonini (in cooperation with Robert Stejskal, Rafał Gosik and Filip Trnka)

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