Effect of agricultural managements on biodiversity of insect

Agricultural managements (e.g., grazing, cutting, soil preparation, chemical control strategies against weeds) have ever affect on abundance and species richness of plants, phytophagous insect and also its predators and parasitoids. The study of these changes on biodiversity of insect is our main goal.


Recently solved subtopics:

Effect of cutting management on spectrum and abundance of pre-dispersal seed predators in Cirsium heterophyllum flower heads

(in cooperation with Vilém Pavlů and Stanislava Koprdová)

The plants of melancholy thistle support a rich and diverse fauna of insect herbivores. Pre-dispersal seed predation is one of the significant factors causing seed mortality directly on the mother plant and consequently preclude dispersion of thistles on new localities (even when they are spread only vegetatively). The main question addressed here is which type of grassland management fosters beneficial invertebrates and cause high seed mortality (possible reduction of thistle population), but on the other hand does not affect the diversity of seed predators species. The effect of different grassland management on the species richness and abundance of seed-feeding insects (pre-dispersal seed predators), which utilize thistle flower heads for their growth and development, was studied in an upland meadows.


Effect of grazing and cutting on biodiversity of terrestrial insect on the meadow in the Mts. Jizerské hory

(in cooperation with Vilém Pavlů)

We tests direct effects of two agricultural managements (grazing and cutting) on biodiversity (species richness and abundance) of epigeal arthropods on the meadow in the Mts. Jizerské hory.


Effects of soil preparation and chemical weed control strategies on abundance and species richness in maize

(in cooperation with Pavel Saska, Milan Řezáč and Stanislava Koprdová)

Our study is designed to test how soil preparation and chemical control strategies against weeds affect species richness and catch size of epigeal arthropods, mainly spiders, harvestmen and carabid beetles

Updated: October 18, 2012


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Function of Invertebrate and Plant Biodiversity in Agrosystems
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